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Florida Gubernatorial candidate shows up in court

Libertarian Party of Florida Gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie was in court yesterday morning, June 4, 2014, fighting for all Floridians to travel in the state without giving up their Fourth Amendment rights. Wyllie pleaded "not guilty" in his case for driving without a license which he had voluntarily surrendered in 2011, rather than renewing it, which would have forced him to comply with the REAL ID Act of 2005. Wyllie's next step is to go to trial in the case after pleading "not guilty" at yesterday's hearing.

The REAL ID Act is the law most Floridians are falling in line with by gathering a large number of documents to renew or obtain a Florida Drivers License and allowing their picture taken by digital facial recognition cameras. Wyllie has been disappointed Floridians have so readily, and without much thought, given up their Fourth Amendment right when asking the government's permission to travel within the State of Florida.

Wyllie had been trying to get arrested since turning in his license in 2011 so he could show cause to fight the law. Yet, even after being baited over the radio, sheriff deputies would not arrest him for driving without a license. That changed May 10, 2014 when Wyllie was arrested in Safety Harbor, Florida.

The candidate has publicly chosen to take a stand against the unconstitutional law which results everyone's face being biometrically scanned and going into a federal database. Wyllie contends this is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Additionally, Wyllie feels the First Amendment is being violated by threatening and enacting arrests of citizens for traveling the public roadways. He said yesterday morning, "We're forced to waive our First Amendment rights for the 'privilege' of getting a driver's license."

The REAL ID Act of 2005 is an attempt to have anyone traveling in America to have Real ID compliant papers in order to board a commercial flight or enter a federal building. The Act was originally marketed in Congress as a way to fight terrorism and illegal immigration, however it has not and will not do either. Its purpose is to create a massive central database of Americans to increase surveillance pinpointing where they are and what they are doing with greater accuracy than existed in 2005. Some states of the Union have refused to comply and yet others are offering their state citizens a choice between drivers licenses' that are either REAL ID compliant and another version that is not compliant.

Wyllie will face Rick Scott and whoever the winner of the Democratic primary (Charlie Crist or Nan Rich) in the November general election to be Florida's next governor. Rick Scott is for the Real ID Act which was implemented by Charlie Crist when he was then-Governor of Florida. It is unclear where Crist stands on the issue now, as he seems to change his mind on issues at the drop of a hat.

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