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Florida Greyhound Bus driver gets DUI: Passengers call 911 to report scary ride

Greyhound Bus driver gets DUI when scared passenger calls 911.
Greyhound Bus driver gets DUI when scared passenger calls 911.
Wikimedia Commons

A Florida Greyhound Bus driver was arrested for DUI as his bus full of passengers were not feeling safe with the way he was driving. A passenger on the bus called 911 to report that the driver was driving recklessly, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Tuesday morning Sept. 2.

The passenger who called from the bus was one of many on board the Greyhound Bus who were concerned for their safety. “He’s fidgeting,” the caller said, “He’s been fidgeting for an hour and a half now. He almost ran a car off the road.”

According to WHDH local news, troopers caught up with the bus 30 miles later and the bus driver was indeed impaired. He was sweating, yelling and moaning, report the police. He could not control his arms and legs, they also said. The passengers had a right to be frightened.

Click Orlando reports that the bus driver was arrested for driving under the influence with children and two counts of child neglect stemming from the age of two of his passengers. He had 20 people on the bus including an 11-year-old girl and an eight-month-old baby.

This bus driver put all these people’s lives in jeopardy. Thankfully someone on board the bus thought to call the police and have this man pulled over.

The bus driver was later identified as Richard Campbell, 59. He was booked and thrown in jail when he didn’t pass the field sobriety test. He is now apologizing claiming that he is “appalled” that he put passengers in danger after watching a video of this incident.

Campbell said he made the mistake of taking his prescription medication with two energy drinks, which he blames for putting him in this inebriated state. After missing a day of his medication, he had doubled up and along with the energy drinks, it did a number on him.

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