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Florida Granny, Nearly 70 yrs old has drunken public sex

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Police reports indicate that last week, a 68-year-old woman Margaret Ann Klemm and her younger secret lover David Bobilya 49, were arrested for having sex publicly at the Florida retirement community town square. The community residents reported the case on seeing the two engaging in sex publicly. The sheriff’s deputies were the first to respond when the 10.30pm incident was reported by residents and actually caught the two in action in a pavilion located at The Villages. The Villages is an upcoming 55 and over community located in central Florida Sumter County.

Cops reported that Margaret Ann Klemm and David Bobilya, 49, were actually having sexual intercourse in the middle of the square, and this is considered as a capital offence. In fact when deputies got to Lake Sumter Landing, Klemm had no pants on while Bobilya’s were at his ankles. The two appeared drunk, most definitely this was an act of drunken sex in public. Police ordered them to put back their clothes on and they complied and arrested.

The Smoking Gun reports that when investigators arrived at the scene, Klemm had her shirt pulled down and wasn't wearing any pants. They were arrested for indecent exposure and disorderliness on June 2nd as a result of their public sex act. Klemm who resides Sumpter County at The Villages while Bobilya a resident of the neighboring Summerfield had to be shortly booked into the county jail immediately on the two accounts. They were later on released on $1500 bail. However, according to the court records, the two are to be arraigned in court on July 2nd.

It is not surprising that four days ago, Klemm had settled another criminal case. This was after she was busted for driving under the influence. Klemm pleaded guilty and was then sentenced to probation for one year. At the time when she was busted around early April, she was driving a golf cart.

It is reported that The Villages is referred to by many as “Florida’s friendliest Retirement Hometown,” and houses over 50000 residents. Interestingly, residents are not allowed to engage in any �friendly’ naked behavior in public. This explains why the duo had to be arrested. They actually had sex at Lake Sumter Landing, which is one of the three squares. The community has three old-fashioned town squares where one can shop and dine at a place of their choice. In addition to that, there is a free night entertainment in each of the squares and this usually ends at 9pm. The performers in these shows are usually fully dressed. As for the movie lovers, they have theatre options too.

Drunken sex is rampant not only among adults but among teenagers too. The number of cases reported in schools and universities is quite high. You can avoid getting into trouble by avoiding indulgence in such behavior. Alcohol consumption should be to the minimum or at a level to which one can control himself or herself. Having sex in public is a punishable offence and one can serve a jail term for doing such. The charges vary depending on the different prevailing circumstances.

The public is allowed to report any instances of public sex to the police as soon as they notice such. However, they should not interfere with privacy of any individuals. Klemm and David’s incidence has raised a lot of concern with the way it hit the headlines. The penalty for such an offence will reduce such cases and hinder others from engaging in such sexual offences. In addition to that the heavy fine imposed is also another thing that many individuals have to avoid hence resort to the comfort of their homes. The case of Klemm and her young lover has been followed keenly, especially added to the fact that the woman has previously been charged for other offences.