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Florida governor Charlie Crist tells Associated Press he will consider running as an independent

(Tallahassee, FL.) -- Florida governor Charlie Crist has moderated his position on a possible run for the U.S. Senate telling the Associated Press he would consider running as an independent after all. This comes after months of rejecting the idea, intimating in several interviews he would stick it out in the Republican primary.

In a phone interview Monday Crist told the Associated Press before he makes up his mind he first wants to hear what Florida voters have to say. Crist is set to face Marco Rubio in the August 24th Republican primary. Several months ago Crist was considered the clear front runner in the race to fill the seat vacated by Mel Martinez last year. But, since that time Crist has fallen way behind Rubio in the polls, trailing by upwards of 30 points.

Associated Press reports, Crist’s comments came after the head of group which focuses on getting Republicans elected to the Senate e-mailed consultants saying he thought there was "zero chance" Crist would stay in the GOP primary. In the e-mail the executive director of the group asked people to influence Crist to drop out of the race instead.

In the latest Rasmussen poll released April 12th support for Crist’s U.S. Senate bid fell to its lowest level yet. According to the Rasmussen, just 28% of the state’s likely Republican voters support his candidacy now, down six points from March.

The telephone survey of likely GOP Primary voters shows former state House Speaker Marco Rubio up a point from last month to 57%, his highest level of support to date.


  • willtopower 4 years ago

    Another politician putting his wounded ego above the political will of the people...just like Arlen Specter, when his numbers dropped he switched to another party...and like him, Crist has no political ideas or convictions...just his own self interest...



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