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Florida Gives Mixed Signals On Gay Pride

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In the State of Florida we do not have a law allowing gay marriage. Nevertheless, that does not mean that the gay community is not trying. The state of Florida at this time does not even acknowledge the union of same sex marriages even if they are carried out in other states. In other words don't come to Florida if you want to get a divorce. In recent months a case of dissolution of a same sex marriage was brought before a Florida court. Eventually it was turned away. This case and a couple of others were brought to be heard by the Florida Supreme Court. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has stated that she will fight against it. So as you can see the law of the State of Florida is not on the side of the gay community when it comes to same sex marriage.

Meanwhile, on the other hand if you are gay and want to hold a gay pride weekend event well that's a different story. This weekend in St. Petersburg a parade and other events are to be held, and for the first time the Mayor as well as the police and fire departments will take their places in the parade. Does this mean that St Pete Mayor Kriseman and others are going to go out of their way to push for gay rights? The answer is no, but it could mean that for some cities in the state of Florida a more tolerant attitude is gathering toward Gay's and Gay rights. Now there is no alcohol allowed but that does not mean that party favors won't be around. For the most part this parade is kind of tame compared to the Gasparilla Parade held every year across the bay in Tampa.

So in the Southern State of Florida there is still a form of bigotry to overcome but it may be losing its evil face. Problem is Floridians will have to fight a grass roots campaign to win. You see it's our politicians who are simply narrowed minded hypocrites.