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Florida Gator's 2010 Nike Pro Combat uniforms unveiled (photos included)

The 2010 Nike Pro Combat uniforms were unveiled yesterday for the ten participating college football programs which includes the University of Florida. It was announced that the Gators will don the non-traditional uniforms for their rivalry game against Georgia on October 30th.

According to a Nike press release, the uniform was inspired by an alligator-skin motif, which includes a gator-skin helmet. The uniforms are 37 percent lighter than the current uniforms and are designed for greater mobility and speed while not compromising protection. Last year the Gators also participated in the Nike program, and wore redesigned uniforms against Florida State in the season finale.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Oh no……… not new uniforms again. Didn’t the gators just go through this last year at the FSU game and after that it was a “kiss of death”. Nike should just leave things alone. The “rocket scientists” at Nike are boasting that these new uniforms are 37% lighter. Yooooooooo!!! Let’s see now, the total weight of a jersey and pants is a tad over 2 pounds; and the brainy people at Nike are taking 37% off that. Wowwwww!!!! Geeeeezzz, I bet the Gators will able to run like Gazelles after shaving off the 7 ounces off their uniforms. Oh my!!!!!!! There won’t be any players on opposing teams to be able to keep up with them. Please……………… Let’s remember the word TRADITION, and forget about all this hype. Go Gators!