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Florida father finds proof of abuse in school's surveilance system (video)


Vikas Kamat of Lecanto, Florida noticed that his son, who goes to a special needs school due to his autism, was coming home with ripped clothes. The 14-year-old boy can't speak because of his Autism and was unable to explain the recurring problem.

One day, Mr Kamat received a phone call that his son was in the emergency room with a broken finger that nobody could explain. He requested to the surveillance tapes from the school and was horrified by what he saw.

Since the GAO's report on restraint and seclusion in special education classrooms, many schools have stopped using seclusion rooms like the one shown above.

See the full story in a video on Fox 13 from Florida to the right.

This kind of abuse is still happening all across the country in public, private, and special needs schools. Teachers mistreat students while other teachers and administration turns a blind eye to the problems. The teacher in this story has been fired, but the fact that nobody at the school noticed she was mistreating the students is appalling.

The school district will not comment on the case, but if history tells us anything, they will likely spend thousands of dollars defending themselves in a lawsuit where they are obviously the guilty party.

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  • Special Parent 5 years ago

    Dear Readers,

    It appears that our Educational system, judicial system and law enforcement have become numb in accepting discrimination against special children to the extent that an institution under video surveillance has the impunity to abuse the child under the pretense of parental trust. It is obvious that there is an ultimate lack of compassion and knowledge of Positive behavior intervention related to dealing with special children. The actions are outrageous and it is appalling that the State Attorney tolerates this. The district firing the teacher for forging the parent's signature and not for abusing the child is also sending the wrong message to all educators and our society. This the 21st century and violating the civil and basic human rights of being treated fairly without discrimination against one's disability is sadly and horrifically shown in this video clip.We all need to feel for these children who are voiceless and are brave enough to face this abuse.I sincerely d