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Florida execution: 9 y/o boy dismembered, execution prompts death penalty talks

A death table used in capital punishment cases
A death table used in capital punishment cases
Creative Commons, CS Monitor

A Florida execution that recently took place has prompted fresh debates over the morality and legality of the death penalty here in the U.S. nation. Juan Carlos Chavez, a confessed killer who raped, murdered, and dismembered a 9-year-old boy back in 1995, was put to death this week. Web Pro News shares this Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014, that a last-minute appeal was made by Chavez’s lawyers in an attempt to save the condemned man’s life, but the plea proved unsuccessful.

The Florida execution of Juan Carlos Chavez has once again brought into the public spotlight both proponents and antagonists of the controversial issue of capital punishment, or the death penalty. Despite his lawyers attempting to plea for his life in what many viewed as a last-ditch effort, Chavez was put to death this week for the murder of 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce back in 1995. The boy was said to be kidnapped, raped, shot to death, and then dismembered.

According to the press release, Jimmy Ryce was kidnapped by Juan Carlos Chavez on his way to his school bus route. The 9-year-old boy was then led to the man’s distant trailer at gunpoint. Chavez proceeded to brutally rape the child, and afterwards when the boy attempted to flee, shot him and killed him. Out of panic, the man condemned to the Florida execution this week then dismembered Ryce, cutting his body into a number of pieces and hiding them in cement planters.

Talks over the justice of the death penalty have been sparked due to Chavez’ state approved execution. While some say that the death penalty is always wrong, others believe that rapists and killers such as the condemned man in this case ultimately deserve to die.

One such individual who thinks that capital punishment should be allowed in these instances of cruel brutality and murder is none other than Jimmy’s remaining brother, Ted Ryce, who was in attendance for the slaying of the killer of his brother.

“Many people have asked why I decided to come today. I did not come today to celebrate Juan Carlos’s execution…. Many people did not believe that Juan Carlos Chavez should be put to death for his horrible crime of raping and murdering my brother Jimmy Ryce. I believe this comes from a place of weakness, not strength. It comes from not being able to face the atrociousness of some men’s actions and punish them on a level commensurate with their crime.”

Ted Ryce also noted in his statement, “But we must be strong. We must do what it takes to send a clear message to other child predators that if they go after children, if they kill children, that they will die at the executioner’s hands. Today will bring no closure for my family. As my father has stated, ‘Closure does not exist,’ but the justice served this day after a painful 19 years will end the chapter on this part of our life and now we look forward to moving on.”

Does your opinion agree with that of Ryce regarding the death penalty for people like Juan Carlos Chavez who has raped, murdered, and even dismembered their innocent victims?

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