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Florida county troubled by three little monkeys

A baby ginger monkey
A baby ginger monkey
Rob from Cambridge, MA ( via Wikimedia Commons

Citizens of Levy County, Florida made several complaints to the Levy County Sheriff’s office on Thursday, after three monkeys were spotted gallivanting around the east side of the county.

Lt Hunt, Commander of the Ag/Marine Unit, began searching for the elusive monkeys who have been eating the local’s pet food and tearing up their carports, according to a Levy County Sheriff’s press release.

Hunt has yet to apprehend the rogue group of monkeys but, they have found some remnants of fur along with some scratches on a fence post which indicates that they have been in that neck of the woods.

The LCSO has received several reports of monkey sightings, including a report last year from the Chairman of the Levy County Board of County Commissioners, Mr. Danny Stevens.

Lt. Hunt has made contact with Florida Fish and Wildlife Officers who will set up traps in an attempt to capture the fugitive monkeys before they do any more damage to citizen’s carports. Once captured, Florida Fish and Wildlife Officers will relocate the monkeys.

The press release states that the monkeys have not been aggressive towards people.

The most recent sightings have occurred in the area of County Road 318/335.


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