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Florida Cop Watch tee-shirt campaign to raise awareness of dogs shot by police

Florida Cop Watch campaign
Florida Cop Watch campaign
Facebook: Florida Cop Watch

Florida Cop Watch is a decentralized community project dedicated to peace, justice, and accountability. They believe in citizens staying vigilant and filming police any time police are breaking laws the rest of us have to follow.

Their Facebook page has an open platform and community project for documenting and archiving police misconduct, brutality and abuse of "authority". Please feel free to check out their page, and engage in discussion, share any information and post links. Together Cop Watch groups across the United States have formed groups, where members police the police.

Florida Cop Watch has a tee shirt campaign taking place, which will end Wednesday night. This is a great idea to raise awareness of the number of dogs being shot by police. Most people don't realize how prevalent this problem has become-until it affects someone they know, if not their own family dog.

Listed below are the links to order the shirts. By wearing them, you'll be promoting the dogs shot by police issue. This isn't a 'Florida problem.' Its a police problem, where officers believe they have greater rights just because they cause a badge.

A recent statement saying police shoot dogs because they can is true, no matter how many lies an officer may tell in an attempt to justify the shooting. The most common being "I feared for my life."

Buy Black Tank Shirt:
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The shirts are Hanes tagless, and prices vary according to size.

Please feel free to contact the fundraiser page with any questions you may have. We need to support groups like Cop Watch and Cop Block, because whether the average citizen realizes it or not, a dog shot by police can be life-changing.

Many families are affected negatively after having their dog shot. Especially the children, who must undergo psychological treatment for the damage caused when they witness the tragedy.

Florida Cop Watch is doing their part to raise awareness. Please do your part by supporting their cause.

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Donate Bitcoin: 1ArGRrrzkG8QuYo6zFNBbJ2EW7KGsd3N8A

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