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Florida congressman picks ear, eats contents on C-Span

Washington - It is not uncommon to hear a frustrated constituent complain that their representative needs to clean out his or her ears and listen. That doesn't mean they want said politician to eat the contents.

Human Ear.
David Benbennick - Wikimedia

However that's just what Democrat Rep. Joe Garcia seems to do in a C-SPAN video during a colleague's speech - pick something out of his ear and eat it.

Granted the Democrat videoed last week was listening to a speech by Rep. Suzan Delbene, a Republican, when he dipped into his ear for a snack. Nevertheless, his unusual fetish for earwax grossed out residents from his district and beyond when video of Garcia’ pick popped up on YouTube for public consumption.

In the clip it appears that Garcia enjoyed the first taste and decided to go back for seconds as Delbene spoke. It is not clear how the disgusting image will play out during his campaign for reelection.

In a style that has come to typify Washington bureaucrats, Garcia tweeted a denial over the images clearly depicted in the video. After the video saturated the Internet Garcia blamed the unfortunate misunderstanding on a hangnail.

The video released Wednesday is clear but we report so you can decide.

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