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Florida commuter used cell-jammer capable of scrambling aircraft communications

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For one Florida man, apparently blatant disdain or hand signals weren’t enough to let fellow drivers know he was unhappy with their cell phone-driving.

So two years ago, Jason Humphreys, 60, took things to the next level and installed a monster-sized cell-phone jammer in his SUV.

The jammer successfully shut down fellow drivers’ ability to use their cell phones and it was smooth sailing on Humphrey's Interstate 4 commute; until it wasn't.

Intended or not, the signal-jammer blocked 911 calls from cell phones. It also jammed law enforcement and emergency vehicle transmissions, communications with local aircraft, and GPS devices.

Suspicions surfaced when a cell phone company identified a pattern of interrupted service on their cell phone towers. The disruptions happened during “drive time”, morning and evening.

They contacted the Federal Communications Commission for help in tracking down the problem. Together they found Jason Humphreys, commuting peacefully on Interstate 4 between Tampa and Seffner.

Believed to be illegal in all 50 states, the signal-jammer is available overseas or online. Small devices with limited capability go for as little as $50.

Humphreys was rewarded for his creativity with a $48,000 fine from the FCC; the maximum penalty allowed by law.

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