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Florida bear attack: Woman dragged by head, 5 bears killed by wildlife officials

Bear mauling in Florida: Woman dragged by her head towards the woods, but managed to escape when the bear dropped her.
Bear mauling in Florida: Woman dragged by her head towards the woods, but managed to escape when the bear dropped her.
Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images

A woman mauled in the Florida bear attack talked about her horrendous ordeal and how she prayed that the bear dragging her into the woods would let her go. The bear that mauled this woman was in a group of bears who were very aggressive. One went after a Fish and Wildlife official during their search for the bears.

Wildlife officials killed five of the bears after this attack, according to the Washington Post on April 14. Terri Frana, 45, was attacked by an adult black bear on Saturday, and it is not known yet if one of the dead bears was the one who did this brutal attack. This will be determined through the DNA tests done on the dead bears.

One bear was shot and four were euthanized, officials report today. Officials say that these bears had no fear of humans calling them “highly habituated.” This made them very dangerous bears to humans and they needed to be put down for public safety. The bear had Franna’s head in her mouth while dragging her across the yard.

“She opened her jaw and clamped down onto my head, and I could just hear her teeth marks,” Frana told reporters.

It was a miracle that the bear dropped Frana, who managed to break away and run into the house. Her son found her collapsed on the living room floor and called 911. As Gretchen Carlson said on Fox News Monday, when you think of Florida, you don’t think of bear attacks, but she is wrong.

The black bears are coming out of their winter slumber and looking for food. A warning about bears roaming neighborhoods this time of the year went out just hours before Frana was attacked on Saturday. Lake Mary is “prime bear country,” according to the wild life officials. This upscale community is located about midway between Orlando and Daytona Beach.

Frana said her daughter, 10, and her 11-year-old son had just left on their bikes when she looked out and saw the bears “scurry towards her garage.” Afraid they would attack her children, she walked down the driveway to see where the kids were. It was then that one of the bears got on its hind legs, stood up and knocked her down. It started to maul her, biting and clawing at her.

Frana said that is when the bear took her head in his mouth and started to drag her. She had several wounds from this attack, according to Fox News. Franna had “30 staples in her head, 10 stitches in her head, lacerations and claw marks going down her back.” She was released from the hospital the next day to recuperate at home.

The bears were in the garage going after the garbage cans stored inside. Officials warn residents to use bear-proof garbage cans. If the bears can’t find or get at any food, the bears will move on. Once they find a food source, they are hanging around for a while.

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