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Florida Attorney General candidate slams Florida legislature on medical cannabis

Today, May 7, 2014, Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) Attorney General candidate Bill Wohlsifer sent out a statement highly critical of Florida lawmakers in their veiled attempt at compassion for Florida patients and the use of medical cannabis. Last week, just before close of session, Lawmakers passed CS/CS/SB 1030, also known as “Charlotte’s Web” and the “Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act 2014”. Wohlsifer has been releasing a number of statements publicly and on his campaign blog pointing out that this Act is a disappointment and disguise for crony capitalism in the name of children.

“Shame on those in the House who introduced and supported this 11th hour amendment. A new industry that could create prosperity for so many Floridian entrepreneurs is being funneled to a select few.” ~ Wohlsifer

Pointing out the hypocrisy of arguing against “vertical integration” when dealing with craft brewers, and demanding it with the medical marijuana industry, Wohlsifer slammed the lawmakers for limiting the market based on the influence of a very few.

“Not only must a single entity be the sole grower, processor, manufacturer and distributor of the Charlotte’s Web strain of cannabis from the time it is planted in the soil until placed under the patient’s tongue as an oil, but in order to qualify as a dispensing organization the business must have been "a registered nursery” in this state for at least 30 continuous years. I suggest that this anti-competitive platform was accomplished purposefully to position a few crony capitalists to be handed the lion’s share of Florida’s marijuana business that will plant itself in our state following the passage of Amendment 2 to the Florida Constitution in November 2014.” ~Wohlsifer

As the author of the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act, Wohlsifer went on to remind us that several bills were available to the legislature to provide medical relief for all of Florida’s citizens. He further stated the markets that will be created should be open and provide economic opportunities to all of Florida’s citizens, not just a select few cronies.

The entire statement can be found at:

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