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Florida accountant sex slaves: Man bound 3 women as slaves in home, drug charges

Florida accountant has sex slaves in home, arrested
Florida accountant has sex slaves in home, arrested
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A Florida accountant with sex slaves in his home has been brought to light and placed under police arrest this week. The man is charged with keeping a total of three women bound in his Florida house for almost half a year and using them as sex slaves in exchange for drugs. The New York Daily News reports this Saturday, June 14, 2014, that the accused has been identified as 53-year-old Timothy Deegan, a well-known financial accountant in the area.

Although a number of strange news stories hit headlines each and every day, word of a Florida accountant having sex slaves is truly a head shaker. As of this weekend, Timothy Deegan now faces serious criminal charges, including three separate counts of human trafficking for each of the three women he allegedly kept trapped in his state home. Police officers have announced that they became aware of the accountant’s illicit activities in late 2013. They only intended to arrest him on suspicion of sexual battery allegations, but learned in the interim that the man may have actually been swapping sex for drugs from these women for several months or more.

When more private investigation was conducted, shares the County Sheriff’s Office in Alachua, Florida, the initial query yielded evidence of prostitution and even human trafficking. Such unbelievable behavior is even more staggering considering that Deegan had formerly been a high-standing and much-respected member of the Gainesville community.

"[Deegan] has been having females live in his residence," Sgt. Becky Butscher told the station. "He has been providing them drugs in exchange for sex. He has also been providing transportation, hotel rooms, in order for them to participate in prostitution activity."

According to CBS News this morning, the police sergeant added in a statement that a combination of video surveillance and law enforcement tracking systems were used to confirm the male suspect’s illicit activities and that of his victims. Using tracking capabilities and observer intelligence via GPS on the cell phones of the three women — who were essentially being used as sex slaves by the accountant — officers determined that the sexual acts were being recorded and exchanged for illegal drugs.

"He has recorded the sex acts, and he has controlled the females by providing drugs to them, by creating traps inside the residence.”

Neighbors have since said that they are shocked by not only the allegations, but the sheer surprise of Deegan turning out to be accountant gone bad. Cindy Schirmer, one such neighbor, said that it has become the talk of the town, and everyone is still reeling from the news. Deegan is held on a hefty $300,000 bond and could face additional charges than simply human trafficking of the 3 women if found guilty of drug usage and sexual recording, too.

"We felt like this was just the safest, nicest neighborhood.... It's just really hard for our neighbors to feel safe having him here," noted Cindy. "He's not welcome here."

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