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Florida accountant kept sex slaves in upscale home: Arrest for human trafficking

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An accountant in an upper-class Gainesville, Florida neighborhood has been arrested for keeping young women as "sex slaves." Timothy Deegan, 53, is facing human trafficking charges for allegedly keeping three women captive by using threats of weapons and setting up traps within the home, according to Reuters on June 12.

This accountant's sex slave business has allegedly been in operation for more than a year as the women were forced into prostitution to make him money. They would go out on calls and they would bring the money they made home to Deegan. The house was rigged with monitor systems so Deegan could keep a close eye on these three women.

Stephen Johnson is the lawyer representing Deegan and he maintains that his client did nothing wrong. He said the sex was all consensual. Videos of Deegan having sex with these women were posted online.

The women answered ads that this accountant had posted online and they were recruited by Deegan. They were drug addicts and they were kept supplied with crack and cocaine by the accountant. When the girls left the home to go out on calls, he would monitor their movements through a GPS tracking system in their phone.

Around the house traps were set so they couldn't leave and he also kept tabs on them with a video surveillance system he had inside the home. The sheriff’s office has logged 11 calls to the house within the last year.

The Canada Journal reports today that Deegan had paid the women in drugs for sex. He also supplied transportation and hotel rooms for these women to have sex with other men, in which he kept the money they made from doing this.

The accountant was charged with sexual battery on one of the three women back in December. The woman filed charges saying that Deegan raped her while she was sleeping and videotaped the encounter then posted the graphic video online.

The president of the homeowner's association of the upper-class community that Deegan lives in asks "where are these people coming from?" Neighbors have seen two women in a "cat-like" fight in Deegan's yard.

This is not the type of activity the people who live in this neighborhood appreciate. According to police Deegan was arrested on human trafficking charges on Friday. He remains behind bars today on $300,000 bond.

Deegan has two similar arrests and police have made numerous visits to his home in the past, so it is surprising to the neighbors and the police that he is still brazen enough to continue operations in the same home.



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