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Florence + The Machine + Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Florence + The Machine
Florence + The Machine

I sought, I waited, and I BOUGHT! Florence + The Machine tickets went on sale today, January 27, 2012 at 10am and I snatched mine up! Many apologies for those who have been sleeping underneath a rock (like I have room to talk!) that weren’t aware these tickets were going on sale today, and the lovely Florence “+” her powerful Machine were coming to grace us with their musical presence this coming April 21, 2012 that I am just now getting this message out to you, but hopefully it’s not too late to grab your tickets to this great show set to be performed at The Boulevard Pool at one of the newest and most lavish destinations on the Las Vegas Strip, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Florence + The Machine made their way to American ears in 2008, despite the band having a heavy presence in their home of the UK a year prior, and forming originally as Florence Robot/Isa Machine based on an inside joke between the band in 2006, derived from lead singer Florence “Robot” Welch and keyboardist/back up vocalist Isabella “Machine” Summers names. Florence’s powerful vocals and distinct ascent mesmerized listeners and had us all longing for more! A lot of people don’t realize that “Kiss with a Fist” was the debut single from their initial album Lungs, as “Dog Days are Over” had such a huge impact in the band’s overall mainstream success. They have other great songs you’ll grow to love if you haven’t already, such as “Howl” and “Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)”, two of my many favorites. The band is continuing its success on its sophomore release, Ceremonials, with the release of the hot single “Shake it Out”. To learn more about this amazing ensemble, visit their official website at

The Cosmopolitan has a great reputation of bringing in awesome talent to perform poolside at their Boulevard Pool and are known for selling out fast, so log onto their website or Ticketmaster as soon as you can and grab yours! There are standing room tickets available as well as cabana options for you high rolling, lavish types! No matter where you choose to sit or stand, Florence + The Machine will have you moving one way or another! I’ll see you all there!