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Floral Park is the product of a company town

Seal of the village of Floral Park
Seal of the village of Floral Park
s. fontakis


  • gina bechtold 6 years ago

    very interesting. do they still have a seedling catalog?
    and where are they exactly, if you know....thanks

  • Stefanie 6 years ago

    The sign doesn't lie, "Floral Park-A great place to live"

  • Connie Bello 6 years ago

    I was recently at a wedding at Flowerfield. Thanks for piecing together the history!

  • steve fontakis 6 years ago

    Gina- the company was in business from 1875 until 1931. Their catalogs & Mayflower magazine often are available online for sale still. The Floral Park Historical Society has a very large collection of them, along with many other local artifacts.

  • Linda Cicalese 6 years ago

    I enjoy learning the history of a place. Floral Park is such a charming little town, I am not surprised to learn that it started out as a flower farm. I am sure that Mr. Childs gave Holland some competiton in his day!

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