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Floral Park has a link to the golden years of cinema



  • gina bechtold 6 years ago

    you know it is very sad, in Flushing another beautiful theatre(s)lights were put out RKO on main and No. blvd... it's such a shame, but for years the town and contractor have been battling in court and to no avail, it has to be at least 10 yrs nothing has become of this jewel of a sad!

  • Maria Bell 6 years ago

    Great article - thanks for the info! I was recently looking into a theater on 82nd St and Northern Blvd - The Boulevard - I think that's what it was called. Would love to know what happened to it as well

  • John Ingram 6 years ago

    Gina: Steve and I graduated from that RKO (Keith Albee, right?) in 1968! Last time I was in Flushing (or however you say Flushing in Korean), which I think was 2004, it was still there rotting away. It really is a shame.

    Great article, Steve!

  • steve fontakis 6 years ago

    Maria- The Boulevard Theater on Northern Boulevard, 82-83 streets, still exists. The former lobby is a Spanish/Latin restaurant and the theater portion is geared mostly towards plays for the Hispanic community. The upstairs offices are now a health club.
    Gina- The sad demise of the RKO Keith's started in 1986 with the demolition of a major portion of the interior.

  • Sheila Rowan 6 years ago

    Hi Steve, nice article. Loved going to the Floral Park movie. Don't forget to write about the Floral Park/Bellerose farm on Little Neck Parkway. I won the contest naming the small refreshment bldg. I named it "The Barnyard Cafe". Look forward to reading your future articles.

  • Linda Cicalese 6 years ago

    Reading about these beautiful theaters brought back memories of my favorite, the Mayfair in Asbury Park, NJ. Above the screen was a castle parapet, complete with moving clouds. When my grandmother took me to a movie there, I often found myself watching those clouds drift by instead of the movie! A modern multiplex is a sterile box in comparison to these jewels of yesterday. Thanks for the memories, Steve!

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