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Floral design training:Your patience and efforts will pay off shortly

No matter what you are challenging, you must be dreaming that your efforts will pay off in the future. Suppose you are learning floral designs now by taking lessons, all you do now at the classroom MAY be just following instructions from flower arrangement teacher. Namely when you are taking lessons, you are required to automatically follow your instructor’s direction and instructions. You MAY recognize that there is almost no room for you to make your own design with your own concept.

European floral arrangement
European floral arrangement
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centerpiece of floral arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

This kind of period usually continues for a while. No matter what you learn you need to follow your instructor’s directions and advice. Otherwise you cannot make a good progress on your skill. Only after you have earned a certain level of skills, you MAY be allowed to make floral arrangements of your own design with your own idea.

Quite frankly speaking, it is next to impossible for entry level students (with no or only little experiences in floral arranging) to make his/her own design based on his/her own idea even if he/she is allowed to do so. Therefore at lease for the period of six months after starting taking lessons, students should listen to the instructor and follow instructor’s directions without making any arguement. Above mentioned period (six months) MAY be different from student to student depending on his/her inherent talent, ability, artistic sense and also how often he/she can take lessons etc. etc.

The easiest way to implement this idea is just duplicate designs made by instructors. In a sense, making a dead copy from instructor’s design can greatly help entry level students earn basic skills necessary for floral arranging. Some people MAY think it is quite boring and tiresome to do so. However you will be happy once the patience and efforts during such ramp up stage will pay off. And actually they usually pay off when time has come.

If he/she cannot be patient and do not make efforts to follow instructor’s directions, you MAY miss opportunities of earning a good skill. After a student has successfully earned a certain level of floral arranging skills, the student CAN be given a chance of making floral decorations of his/her own design with his/her own idea. The bottom line is that until earning a good basic skills, students should not challenge making arrangement in his/her own way. Doing his/her own way of floral arrangement COULD give them a difficult time, later, for developing his/her skill and ability.

Judging from the past experience of California Flower Art Academy, obedient students can easily make lots of progress within a limited time. If you are planning to learn floral arrangements in the future, you are recommended to remember what is written in the above. California Flower Art Academy has been teaching various floral arrangements to uncountable number of students since 1990 in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley (San Jose) as a floral school certified by Flower Decorators Association (Tokyo, Japan).

Those who are looking for a reliable floral design school offering quality lessons, California Flower Art Academy is recommended. By joining California Flower Art Academy you can enjoy hands on training of ONE ON ONE instructions. You can start from Introductory Program for less than $100. For more information feel free to contact

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