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Floral design lesson to make horizontal floral arrangements

Unlike vertical arrangements, the height of horizontal floral arrangements is quite limited, which is one of advantages for this decoration to be displayed on the dining table. Namely even if this arrangement is placed in the center of a dining table, it does not block the view of people sitting on the other side of the table. This helps enjoy the dinner time conversation.

horizontal floral arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

This arrangement is often displayed not only on the dining table but also on the head-table and reception at weddings, front desk of a hotel and reception counter of office building etc. etc. If there is enough space on the mantel over the fireplace of your living room or on the window sill, they must be another good places for displaying this arrangement.

If you are familiar with funeral floral decorations, you must have found similar type of floral designs displayed on the casket. This is called “casket spray” which is one of mandatory floral arrangements used for funerals.

This arrangement is basically made in a symmetric design and therefore it must have the same length on both sides of arrangement.

While there are lots of advantages with this arrangement, one of disadvantages is it needs a wider horizontal space for display because it is a horizontally long arrangement. So when planning to make this particular arrangement, it is recommended to check beforehand the space available for display no matter where it is placed.

Due to the shape of this design, this arrangement should be displayed on the rectangular table and the flowers are arranged in a shallow container which contains floral foam to anchor flowers. Overall shape of this arrangement usually look like overflowing after putting focal flowers in the middle and also adding filler flowers and foliage.

Various types of flowers can be considered for elements consisting of this arrangement. For example hydrangeas, lilies, orchids, roses, spireas and some other greenery plants are often used for this type of arrangement. For those who are planning to make this arrangement for decorating a wedding reception or head table, it must be an exciting project working on a wonderful wedding centerpiece.

As this arrangement is supposed to be viewed from all sides, the designer who makes this arrangement should pay special attention so that the overall looking should be well balanced. To recap the points of this arrangement, it should not be so tall not to block the view each other, should have the same length on both sides to make it symmetrical and the shape of table should be rectangular.

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