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FLOR's Ambrosia green makes us think spring

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FLOR as a company is a together place we feel. They continue to crank out new product and we like their whole aesthetic (as you can tell, we’ve written about them before). In fact, we showed you how to assemble one of their rugs here:

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But some of the things we like about FLOR are:

* You can form your own size rug for a specific area.

* You can be creative and develop designs either using other rug pieces or turning their direction. What we mean by that is: each rug piece has a directional arrow imprinted on the back, the direction of the design pattern. By alternating that arrow—say, every other piece—you can change the look of the whole composite. Take a look at the rug in the slideshow called “Positive Slant” for a good example of this.

* Also, if a rug piece gets spoiled, you can always replace it.

* And, that being said, you can build a small 5 x 6-foot rug if that’s what you can afford, and then add pieces onto the perimeter later when you have more money, say, making it into a 9 x 12-foot rug.

* If you need help with a design, or would like to recreate something you see in a catalog or online, they have professionals that will help you do whatever you want.

For this article we were thinking spring, new beginning and green. We love the Ambrosia rug created in our foyer and take a look at the slideshow for other “greens” and designs.