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FLOR carpet tiles: Perfect decor to warm up the ugly dorm abode floor

Check out the FLOR options to decorate the dorm room floor
Check out the FLOR options to decorate the dorm room floor

Most dorm rooms, especially those not recently built, have cold tiled floors. When contemplating the dorm room's decor it is important to factor in what one needs to add some comfort as well as beauty to the floor space. FLOR carpet tiles are the perfect solution for adding beautiful coverage to warm up the college abode's floor.

great option for covering an ugly dorm room floor

The carpet tiles are perfect to transform a cold floor into a cozy spot to place your toes.

Before even moving into the new college living space it is important to plan out the decor for the dorm room. Whether living with a roommate or in a coveted single most dorm rooms present issues for covering the floor; many are narrow and long preventing the common sized area rugs sold in stores to be able to cover floor space properly.

The FLOR carpet tiles are approximately 19 square inches each, making them perfect to easily arrange together to build a custom size area rug or to carpet an entire dorm room floor easily. Once arranged the tiles simply are attached together with FLOR's dot system. An entire room can be carpeted DIY with FLOR tiles quickly with no hassle. At the end of the year easily take out the carpets tiles to be reused again for the next college year.

The FLOR tools are perfect to use to customize designs to perfectly fit the dorm room.

Have fun playing with ideas with roommates and parents using tools to come up with wonderful choices of plans for your dorm room floor.

  • Create an area rug simply by answering three simple questions; size, pattern and palette.
  • Use the FLOR Plans tool for readymade design templates.
  • Design your own floor plan design using the FLORbuilder Design tool. Choose the size, pattern and color and see how it looks completed in a plan along with the projected cost.
  • Order samples so that you can make your ultimate design decisions.

The FLOR Ready Rugs add an additional option for covering the dorm room floor easily.

Pre-designed FLOR Ready Rugs have been put together in arrays of sizes, colors and patterns that include the exact amount of squares and FLORdots required along with a FLORplan to show how to put the beautiful rug together.

FLOR will help plan the design and figure out exactly how many squares are needed.

Whether looking for a central area rug or a plan to carpet the entire dorm room, FLOR's design team will work on plans for you suggesting different designs, patterns and border possibilities. The Possibility Studio is ready to help plan anyone who is design challenged or just wants some additional ideas to help make decisions.

FLOR's special dot system makes installation quick and easy.

The carpet tiles are assembled together using FLOR's special dot system for easy installation and removal to store away for the following year. Measuring approximately 19 inches square each makes FLOR carpet squares easy to handle for simple to installation. FLOR is made for doing it yourself install simply by using "FLORdot adhesives that connect squares together and not to your floor".

FLOR is proud that their product in USA made as well as being ecofriendly.

FLOR keeps jobs in the USA and crafts the carpet squares from 100% recycled face fibers. In an effort to reach "Beyond the Square" FLOR continues to search for ways to create new products that are more "earth-aware" specifying "We repurpose materials like carpet, plastic water bottles and fishing nets to create new, recycled yarns. The result is a range of styles that look good and help keep discarded materials out of the eco-system."

Moving into the college abode is an exciting and fun experience. This is usually the first step to one moving out of the parents nest and into the real world. Decorating the dorm room is the perfect chance to express one's unique design ideas. Dorm room floor space is usually a commodity so use it and design it wisely for comfort and entertaining. Most important is to have fun decorating the dorm room to enjoy the college living experience. Keep the grades up and never be afraid to dance.

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