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Floortime Nashville opens in Brentwood

Engagement during "floortime"
Engagement during "floortime"
Vicky Pitner

The DIR/Floortime Model is based on the teachings of Stanley I. Greenspan, MD. This model is suited for children with sensory processing/integration disorders, on the autism spectrum, and with motor and speech delays. This model focuses on helping children master the building blocks of relating, communicating, and thinking rather than on symptoms alone.

Affiliated with Trainings and Workshops, Floortime Nashville will be located at the Brentwood Commons, 750 Old Hickory Blvd. Suite 171, March 2nd. Consultation and floortime sessions made by appointment by calling 615 585-1188.

DIR (Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship Based) the Floortime model provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and supporting a child's development. Parents, family members or caregivers are taught how to do "floortime" play that will be done in the home four to six times a day depending on the child's needs. Less expensive than the more traditional ABA, floortime offers opportunities to teach the child how to relate to others in a more natural setting.

Goals of "Floortime" are to help the child:

  • take more initiative
  • become more alert
  • become more flexible
  • tolerate frustration
  • sequence longer actions-plan and execute them
  • mediate process of finding solutions
  • communicate verbally or with gestures
  • taking pleasure in learning

Their website is

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