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Flooding, fog, shipwrecks, thunderstorms and heat

Radar image 2:34 AM 26 Aug 03
Radar image 2:34 AM 26 Aug 03

Flooding, fog, shipwrecks, thunderstorms and heat top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center (SPC) archives here are the events that happened on August 26.

Almanac 26 August 2014
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

1816 - An unnamed Montreal canoe, while carrying cargo and prisoners, capsized while under sail in a storm in Whitefish Bay in Lake Superior. Some of the lost were reportedly prisoners being transported. 10 people perished.

1870 - The wood schooner Thornton, while carrying ore, sprang a leak in heavy weather in a gale and foundered near the foot of Cockburn Island, Ontario 15 miles southeast of False Detour passage in Lake Huron. Her crew took to the yawl and watched as the schooner broke up due to the release of confined air in the hull and went down. It was claimed that she was very unseaworthy at time of loss.

1875 - The package and bulk freighter Comet, was carrying ores, pig iron and sacks of wool. While trying to pass the Beatty Line steamer Manitoba on a foggy night, signals were misunderstood and Comet veered into the path of Manitoba and was rammed on the port side about 25 feet aft of the stem, cutting her nearly in two. She sank in 5 minutes or less 7 miles southeast of Whitefish Point in Whitefish Bay in Lake Superior and lies in 300 feet of water. Bound Marquette for Cleveland, 11 of 21 perished in this event.

1896 - The wood schooner, 3-mast Phineas S. Marsh, while carrying limestone blocks, was driven in by a gale and struck bottom near Crisp Point, MI in Lake Superior. Her crew took to the rigging as she sank, from whence they were rescued by the Lifesaving Service. She broke up soon after and was declared a total loss Aug 30.

1948 - The record heat of 1948 continues with record highs recorded across the state. Grand Rapids hits 95°, Muskegon 91°, Lansing 96°, Alpena 94°, Detroit 96°, Flint 95°, Houghton Lake 94°, and Sault Ste. Marie 92°. Grand Rapids, Alpena, and Detroit all tied their 1948 records in later years.

1970 - 1-inch hail was reported at 5:15pm from severe thunderstorms passing through Saginaw County.

1986 - Thunderstorms produced wind gusts of 64 mph in Genesee County.

2000 - Heavy rain and high winds produce scattered damage and some flooding. The roof of a bowling alley near Jackson was damaged by an apparent microburst. Roads were closed due to flooding across southern Kalamazoo County.

2003A derecho associated with a cluster of severe thunderstorms affected parts of Michigan and states eastward to Washington, D.C. Strong winds left hundreds of thousands of customers without power, just weeks after the Great Blackout of 2003. In West Michigan the strongest storms hit between 2 and 4 AM on the 27th with a gust of 60 mph reported in Vicksburg and numerous trees fall from the wind. Click here for a radar loop of the storms on this day. The attached slideshow has a few severe weather maps for the day.

2004 - Scattered showers and thunderstorms developed over Upper Michigan during the day on the 26th and continued overnight into the 27th. With the approach of a low pressure trough, some of the thunderstorms turned severe during the evening. In Marquette County, one storm dropped golf ball-sized hail just southeast of Harvey. Quarter sized hail (1 inch) was reported in Iron County 9 miles south of Crystal Falls as well as large branches broken off of trees.

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