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Flooding in Fargo-Moorhead creasts

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The Red River, notorious for destructive flooding in the area, has crested or has appeared to crest today. The water level in Fargo and neighboring Moorhead reached about 30-32 feet, although the official recording has yet to be announced.

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Thursday night, however, the City of Fargo tweeted this to its followers:

Throughout Fargo and Moorhead, the danger has been low this year, with minimal impact on transportation, homes, and public property. Woodlawn Park in Moorhead, just south of the Veterans Memorial on Main Avenue, is surrounded by a road. The park itself, including a Frisbee golf course, is lower level park bed that usually looks like a lake. This year, however, there are only a couple standing water ponds resultant of rain.

Overall, the damage and danger has been non-threatening to the sister cities. The City of Fargo expected this, sharing this tweet on April 28:

On another plus side, it's beginning to feel like summer. Temperature is supposed to be in the mid-50s for a week.

Keep updated on the flood levels at Valley Flood Watch website.