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Flood Safety Awareness Week starts Sunday

Just about every region of the country has some sort of weather related threat to deal with: the coastal regions are threatened by hurricanes, the plains states have tornadoes, the areas bordering the Great Lakes have to contend with lake effect snow. However, flooding is something that just about every area has to deal with at some time.

Hurricanes can create storm surges that can cause flooding that's more dangerous than the winds. Areas that live in river basins can be risk of those rivers overflowing and even in desert areas flash floods can turn a dry channel into a raging white water rapid.

With that in mind NOAA has declared March 16 through March 22 "Flood Awareness Week." According to a National Weather Service Press Release 85 people died in freshwater floods last year. Even more chilling, more than half of those deaths came from people trying to drive through flooded areas. If you're the sort who needs a price tag for everything, flood damage averages more than $8 billion per year.

The National Weather Service has an entire website devoted to preparing for and surviving floods. Even if you're not living in a high-risk area, it's well worth a look for some potentially life-saving information.

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