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Floaty Raft sets sail to Gozefest at Phil’s Radiator

Floaty Raft sets sail to Gozefest at Phil’s Radiator.
Floaty Raft sets sail to Gozefest at Phil’s Radiator.Sareth Ney/

PUEBLO, Colo.—Floaty Raft sailed into Phil’s Radiator, on May 25. They were the opening act, along with: The Chelios Condition, Despicable Dialects, Render Them Useless, Alone, Stolen Format, The Widowhood Effect and Still Valley. Bridges was the direct support and Gozer was the headliner.

Floaty Raft sets sail to Gozefest at Phil’s Radiator
Floaty Raft sets sail to Gozefest at Phil’s RadiatorSareth Ney/

James Harrison is the guitarist, Robert c is the guitarist and vocalist, Steve Mackenzie is the drummer and "Beastman" Justin Sauvageau is the bassist of Floaty Raft.

Deaguero introduced Floaty Raft to the audience as Blue Öyster Cult and he thanked Gozer for having them play at the first annual festival and began their recital with “White Picket Fence”. After completing the song, Deaguero went onto thank the crowd for their reception and he stated the song was for his mom.

An audience member yelled out from the crowd and requested for Floaty Raft to play “Dance”. After granting the request, Deaguero spoke into the microphone and said the story behind the song was about a giant lizard which tore down major cities. An audience yelled out for Godzilla, shortly after.

As “By The Swing” was about to get underway, Deaguero stated how it was great to be part of a line up with many great musicians. Sauvageau went onto say it was their first time in Pueblo, Colo. Deaguero went onto repeat what he said, for he did not have a microphone to amplify his voice. After Mackenzie struck his cymbal several times, they proceeded to play the song.

After Floaty Raft ended “Heartless”, Deaguero wanted to cover a song. He mentioned the song they were about to cover inspired each and every one of them. He went onto say he hopes the song inspires them too. Then, they covered Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley’s “Pure Imagination” and those in attendance sang along with him. Harrison’s guitar riffs led the way, as they incorporated aggressive into passive notes.

“Floaty Raft” ended Floaty Raft’s concert, as Deaguero reintroduced the band as Blue Öyster Cult. Sauvageau went onto joke their arch nemesis had been Fleetwood Raft. As they performed, Sauvageau met up with Deaguero at the center of the stage. They shared the microphone and sang the chorus together, several times over. Deaguero thanked the audience again, advised them to stay tuned and bid farewell to the crowd.

“Don’t Let Life Get You Down” and “Lies For The Truth” were also part of Floaty Raft’s set.