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Flixel Jam 2 confirmed for February 27

Flixel Jam 2 banner - more information may be found on Knoll's webpage
Flixel Jam 2 banner - more information may be found on Knoll's webpage
Phillip Knoll

Local game developers of all degrees and proficiencies will once again gather this upcoming weekend to attend the second official Flixel Jam in Austin, TX hosted by local developer Phil Knoll. The event, which takes place Saturday Jan. 27 at the Carver Branch of the Austin Public Library, begins at 10am and runs through 4:30pm.

Last month Knoll and 11 other developers came together to create a short free fall flash game title Terminal Velocity. 

"The game jams just go to show how active the developer community is here in Austin. I can't imagine doing something like this in Houston. This Jam is a great way to meet developers and dive headfirst into the complexities of game development," said attendee Norman Tran.

Game jams are a great way for those in and those looking to break into the gaming develop industry to gain experience while creating connections. Flixel Jam 2 is open the public.

"It's really a unique experience - meeting someone for the first time - and working together to form a general idea which turns into a playable game," said Knoll, "We can use anyone and everyone, you don't have to be an expert to partake in game jams."

Those interested may find more information on Knoll's webpage

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