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Flirty dresses are perfect for July

Want a flirty dress for July?
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Looking for a dress that's perfect for flirting? Sundresses, both maxi and mini dresses are perfect for July. As you can see, our model picked a perfect dress for flirting. Red and ruffles plus spaghetti straps make this dress perfect for warm days and steamy nights. Loose enough to leave her figure sort of a mystery, except for sexy shoulders perfect for dancing, she's got a great dress to go to a nightclub. That is, it's perfect for a Chicago night club that lets young coeds in, even with the older man as her escort.

Going to a barbecue? Maybe you need a washable dress after messy but fun eating. Make sure you check out the washing instructions before choosing a dress, especially if you want that dress to last you for quite a few parties during the summer, especially barbecues. Barbecuing in the park or at an event at the house of an acquaintance? If you can't find a red dress, try some of the florals that are available this summer. The junior department in Macy's might have a bright, strappy dress or two, with a more defined waistline. If you have an hour glass figure, why not show it? If you do, be ready for a lot of responses, even on the internet on a dating website. Take advantage of the chance to get a little more attention. Just be careful to conceal where exactly you live and what your last name is, if you do opt for a little more attention with a flirty outfit. Shabby Apple might work if you're having trouble finding the right dress if you can go online for it.

Not into dresses? Try a pair of capris with a jacket that coordinates with your outfit. You might find something online or at a yellow/black dot kind of sale with a pass at Carson's. Gloria Vanderbilt features special sales with some shapely capris. Bright colors like turquoise might work, depending on what your wardrobe already has. If you have any Rafaella tops or Franco Sarto flats, they might be just what you need to liven up your wardrobe. Don't forget about Silver Jeans. They have just the right fit for those of you who have a defined waist and shapely hips. Check out some of those ideas, even if it's just refreshing your memory and you'll be more than ready for the next July party in Chicago!

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