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Flirty and fresh: Mingle with singles with Game.Set.Match!

You haven't tried THIS way of meeting people!
You haven't tried THIS way of meeting people!

Here in Des Moines, trying to find love is like trying to find that proverbial needle in a haystack; its next to impossible, and the more you look, the more frustrated you become. As a twenty-something in Des Moines, you have a lot of options for meeting people, but how many of them are actually GOOD options? Sure, theres the Saturday night bar scene--and don't get me wrong, that can be a great time! The chances however, of finding a sustainable relationship while you are shaking it at Liars Club? Yeah....not so great. Think there should be a better way to meet someone special? You aren't alone.

Game.Set.Match! is a local speed dating service that is a fresh and flirty way to meet new singles! Locally founded by Michael Porche, Game.Set.Match serves up a twist on the traditional speed dating by incorporating a sporty aspect into the normal speed dating routine. The way it works is like this: There are twelve participants divided into two "teams. The participants seated are the "home" team, and those rotating are the "visiting" team.

There are two sets during your Game.Set.Match experience--the first six rounds, or "games," are the first set, and the second six games are the second set--and you have a 15 minute halftime break in between! You'll find a couple other fun differences compared to the speed dating you might have seen in the movies, but if you want to know what they are, then you'll have to check it out for yourself! The next local Game.Set.Match event is set for Thursday, May 13, at 7 pm at Good Times Bar and Grill in Ankeny. Details can be found at the website,

As an added bonus, I, your local Des Moines Flirting Examiner, will be on hand at the event to observe the event, and give you feedback on what local singles think about the event. On Friday, I'll be writing about the experience, and give some insight on upcoming events, and how to make the most of your time.

So grab your single friends, and sign up to attend the next Game.Set.Match event! You can get your flirt on, have fun--and maybe meet that special someone, so you can stop looking through all that hay.