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Fliptroniks Smartphone Wallet Case for the Galaxy S4

We carry a lot of gear around with us now. I routinely leave the house with keys, a wallet, a BT headset, and my phone. My Wife leaves the house with a full purse. Products which can help us consolidate some of that kit are greatly appreciated.

Fliptroniks offers up a variety of different wallet cases for phones like the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, and Note 3. Made out of a high quality leather like material, you'll find pockets for bills and cards. The stitching is very clean, and a magnetic clasp holds the wallet shut. Obviously it adds bulk to our phones, but it means not having to carry a separate wallet while also protecting our phone from minor drops and bumps.

If there's a complaint, I wish the case could prop the phone up to watch videos. In all though, a street price of around $30 is an appropriate price to pay for a well built wallet smartphone case. You can find more info at, or watch the attached video for our hands on review!

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