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Flipping Frustration

Benny at his best

Yesterday I wrote about the frustrations we sometimes encounter being an animal assisted therapy team in an ever-changing world. Today I want to share some wonderful ways we can flip frustration into something positive.

For every opportunity that may have changed, others have proven steady over time and we have thrived and grown by their side.

For every setback, the opportunities to move forward and grow have been endless.

And timing is everything.

The facilities that may not have fully embraced animal assisted therapy are just not where we are supposed to be.

And those that want more and more from us are where we need to concentrate.

The more we can focus on the positive commitments we have established, the more we realize what it is we are meant to do. When we think about the journey we have taken with children on the autism spectrum, people recovering from stroke or traumatic brain injury, children and adults living with life defining trauma, children and adults learning to communicate through new ways to get the message out, learning to live in a challenging world, we understand more fully the power of the animals.

When we spend time listening to the needs of a specific facility or environment, and know we can provide a new avenue of reaching that client, we understand more fully the power of the animals.

When we solve problems, create news ways to enhance traditional or untraditional therapies, we understand more fully the power of the animals.

They say when a door closes, a window opens. And nothing is truer than that for us. At the same time we may say goodbye to some experiences, others are waiting to welcome the healing power of the animals and their remarkable handlers. And we are best able to support our talented therapy teams when the frustrations flip into positivity!

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