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‘Flip or Flop’ debuts with second season; HGTV reality stars purchase LA home

Flip or Flop debuted season two on HGTV
Flip or Flop debuted season two on HGTV
Flip or Flop/Facebook page

The show Flip or Flop on HGTV got fans excited about the potential of making money in real estate. The show kicked off with a home in Los Angeles on Tuesday. As the couple bought their first foreclosed home in the area, Tarek and Christina realized their purchase might be a big overhaul project. According to Broadway World on Tuesday, this project was more than the couple originally thought it would be and it offered up a bit of a challenge.

The HGTV fans got to see that after the couple won the bid on the house, it was nothing like expected. Looking like a quick flip project, it became a flop when an overhaul was needed. Redoing the entire home, including original flooring, bathroom and kitchen work, there was plenty of drama (and money) to make the house ready for market.

The viewers of Flip or Flop on Tuesday night got to see the risk of home buying and selling on the first episode. It wasn’t anything like most people imagined either. The two reality stars seemed to have a hands-on approach that was realistic and reminded everyone that work (and smarts) are required to flip any property, especially one that has unforeseen issues.

Fans of Flip of Flop has better be ready for a house selling ride on this series. According to the Flip or Flop Facebook page on Tuesday night after the show, the fun has only begun. There are 13 more weeks of brand new episodes ahead and that means more homes offering up interesting real Flip or Flop adventures.