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Flip, Fly, and Drive to 'Kooza'


Cirque Du Soliel 


While it may still be September, there is a performance coming in October that requires advance notice. Santa Monica may not be
, but it is where you will find Cirque Du Soleil pitching its big top for a brief stop with their touring show Kooza. 

Don’t think for a second that their traveling shows are anything like other circuses’ this is still cirque. The music, staging, and lighting will have you in awe before a performer even step onto the stage, or fly’s above it as the case may be.

The show is one of Cirque's more comedic pieces, and brings it back to the origins of clowning. But don't mistake Cirque clowning for your run of the mill balloon animal making clown. Cirque clowns are truly masters of their art. The show features everything from contortion, to hand balancing, and even the wheel of death. As a circus performer myself, I can honestly say Cirque is circus in the most extraordinary of ways.

Kooza is an experience not to be missed. Santa Monica is as close as cirque will be getting to the hot lights of
. For now. The most acclaimed circus troupe in the world will soon make The Kodak Theatre home for a new permanent show. Yes, permanent, as of 2010 it will no longer require a trip to Vegas to see one of their shows; it will only require a quick trip to Hollywood and Highland.

Sheree K. 

The troupe will still close their curtains for
’s big awards nights, but other than that, the Kodak will belong to them. So before they take up permanent residence in the heart of the city, show them a warm welcome as they test the
Santa Monica waters with Kooza.

For ticket information contact Cirque or

call 1-800-450-1480. The show will be held under the big top, on the Santa Monica Pier.


  • Don Winer 5 years ago

    Based upon this glowing review, I can't wait to see a Cirque performance. Hopefully one will come to the Chicago area in the near future.

  • Emily 5 years ago

    Become a Cirque Club member and find out when a Cirque du Soleil show will visit your town!

  • Club Cirque member 5 years ago

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