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Flip Flops are the hot trend for weddings

Flip flops
Flip flops

Though certain styles and fashions are cyclical there are many trends that ensue with every season. Trend and color forecasting reports are released with bold interpretations from the designer runways. These designers set the stage for haute couture so that retailers and consumers can pick and choose subtle versions for their wardrobes.

Over time the same fashions may come back into style but many have been downplayed, simplified or relaxed. Even the traditional wedding settings have become more 'lax bringing in a slew of styles that were once reserved for a Friday night on the town. Unadorned bubble dresses, short drapey dresses and many simple styles have taken the place of traditional gowns.

Shoe designers are also keeping with the changes in styles and many wedding retailers are adding flip flops to their list of accessories. Flip Flops? For a wedding? The answer is yes. With the growing popularity of flops over the years retailers are tapping into this simple shoe and making it available for every occasion.

Although specific wedding stores are selling flops as the "new thing" for wedding receptions and for ceremonies they can be found at nearly any store that sells shoes. Depending on the retailer and designer you can find these shoes adorned with stones, sequins, beads and a multitude of other items. If you prefer something simple flops can be found in a flat satin style and in other dressier styles..


  • Amanda C. Strosahl 5 years ago

    I know a few people who would have gone with flip flop had they thought of it.

  • Rachel Ellis ~ Jacksonville Celebrity Headlines Ex 5 years ago

    I saw some flops recently that said "Bride" and "Groom" on them and I thought they were so cute.

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