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Fling your way into Spring with this mini-boot camp

Well, it"s official, I have spring fever! With our beautiful days ahead, I'm ready to sit by the pool, go to the beach or wear my cute tank tops to the mall for a day of shopping.... are you? If your answer is no or I'm not sure or you just rolled your eyes... this workout is for you.

I've created a great, effective and fun mini-bootcamp routine you can do anywhere for about 20-30 minutes! All you need is a pair of small hand weights, the heavier the better to take the intensity up a notch. This workout is designed around interval training - small bursts of intense cardio followed by a strength training segment. Alternating between these segments lifts and lowers the heart rate making your body work harder. I call this program a good kick in the pants!

Intervals are meant to be done about 1-2 times a week. Because they force your body to work harder, it's easy to over use the muscles and cause injuries. Plus, it's easy to burnout when all you're doing are intervals, so keep your long runs, group fitness classes and your hikes in the mix to cross train and maximize the effectiveness of interval training.

Let"s get started:

Warm up for about 3-5 minutes with basic marching/jogging in place, run up & down your stairs and a few jumping jacks. Anything to get the body warm and your heart pumping and don't forget to have a bottle of water nearby.

Jump rope for 30 seconds - make sure you mimic the jump rope hands to work your shoulders and uppers arms, keep your abs engaged

Walking lunges - start at the end of a hallway or foyer, lunge out with one leg, step in with other and use that leg to lunge ahead, "walking" your way down the hallway/foyer, turn around and lunge back

Football shuffle for 30 seconds - start with a wide march, then pick up the pace landing on the balls of your feet... keep your abs engaged and pump the arms

Sumo squats - feet are a little wider than shoulder width apart, abs engaged, sit back as if sitting in a chair, getting your thighs as pararell to the floor as possible, hold for 2 seconds then come up to start. Do 20 reps, making sure to press through your heels and stay out of your knees

Jumping jacks - 30 seconds!

Biceps hammer curl/overhead press - holding your weights in each hand, palms facing in, bend your elbow lifting the weight up to your shoulder for the curl, then extend your arm straight overhead for the "press", return to start. Do 25 reps, keeping your knees soft and abs engaged

180 with squats - start facing the side of your room, assume a squat position and jump up and around to the other side, land in the squat and jump around again. Keep abs engaged and do this for 30 seconds. See this link for a demo -

Plank - Get into the top of a push up position, hold for 30 - 60 seconds. Keep your abs engaged, hips low and put most of your body weight forward in your shoulders, keeping them above your wrists

Plank Jacks - from the plank position, "jack" your legs out and in... hold for 30 seconds

This routine is really most effective when you can run through it 2-3 times for a total of 20-30 minutes of workout time. If you're running short on time, get through 1 cycle, but maybe increase the 30 second cardio segments to 45-60 seconds to get that sweat pouring!

You can view a variety of different exercises on my You Tube channel at

The bottom line with this boot camp workout is that it is an efficient, motivational and fun workout for all fitness levels. Because this workout has an emphasis on total body training, you'll get a great workout, blast tons of calories, build strength and never get bored. You'll be looking in a mirror at the new you before you know it!

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Have an awesome workout!!


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