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Flights: Where Wines Take Dream

It's never this wide open at Social Wine Bar
It's never this wide open at Social Wine Bar

It was a dark and windy night. No, I'm not trying to rip off Snoopy, pounding away at his manual typewriter on top of his doghouse, but it was quite breezy this Christmas Eve last near the Market in downtown Charleston. My girlfriend and I had been talking about going to Social Wine Bar for some time, but we had never been, and December 24th proved to be pretty calm. Not quite as calm as in the picture here; that would be bad for business.

The concept of wine flights has been around forever, and they're presented in many different ways. They're done by appellation (point of origin), type of grape, and even consecutive vintages, if you really want to spend a lot of time on one specific wine. At Social, flights are encouraged, and the list there will lead you in several directions. Our direction was due east to Tripoli, then hang a left up about 600 miles--you're in Italy. Yes, Google Earth is a wonderful tool.

Real flights to Italy take a lot longer to get through than these, but three servings at 2.5 ounces a pop give you a good amount to sample with whatever fare you choose. These days at Social, their Italian wine flight takes you from Tuscany to Sicily and back up to their Piemonte (Piedmont) region. The whole process is fun, the presentation is nice, and the smaller portions allow you to sample more without breaking the bank or treading too heavily toward excess.

It is conceivable that the staff at Social would allow you to choose your own trifecta of tasting, as all of the wines are served by the glass. However, great care goes into the crafting of such a list; let Social take you on a flight that will cost you less than a day's worth of short-term parking at the airport.

Social Wine Bar is located at 188 East Bay Street in downtown Charleston.

Sláinte, Na zdorovye, Skol, Prost, Salud, Santé, L'Chayim, and Cheers.