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Flights of fancy


Photo courtesy of the Denver Butterfly Pavilion

The Denver Butterfly Pavilion was established in 1995 as “the first stand-alone non-profit insect zoo in the nation.” 1,200 butterflies flit within the dome of the 30,000 square foot facility, lighting on the tropical fauna as well as guests. In addition to the butterflies, there are 350 plant species, collected from around the world. The butterflies are in all stages – from the formation of the chrysalis to emergence, and each stage may be observed in the Wings over the Tropics Tropical Conservatory. Joining the butterflies in Wings over the Tropics are frogs, turtles, fish, and hermit crabs, all basking in the constant 80 degree, 70% humidity atmosphere.

Arthropods – spiders – are also residents of the museum, including Rosie, a Chilean Rosehair Tarantula, one of the favorites. Rosie can be seen most days cupped in the hand of a child, content and serene. There are also representatives of the sea, in the form of horseshoe crab, sea stars and  sea urchins, all available to touch.

Photo courtesy of the Denver Butterfly Pavilion

Photo courtesy of the Denver Butterfly Pavilion

Visiting the Denver Butterfly Pavilion is just, plain fun and even adults can learn a great deal about the primary inhabitants of our planet. Plan a visit. It won’t be your last.

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