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Flight of Fire, the band

Berklee College of Music gals
Berklee College of Music gals
PHOTO: Provided by the band.

The Flight of Fire Band is comprised of four accomplished and vivacious women who explore the musical textures of upbeat hard rock, emotional folk rock and complex symphonic rock. They create a fresh and progressive sound that is Flight of Fire.

Rock and Roll, only louder
PHOTO: Amy Nachbar

In 2009, the twins Tanya and Tia Dmuchowski, slinging a guitar and bass respectively, left their footprints in the Detroit music scene and forged their way into the world of rock. They had years of experience playing in numerous bars and clubs all over Michigan which proved to be what they needed, to be accepted in to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Maverick, a singer/songwriter from California who had also just begun her studies at Berklee, was starting her new life in a new city. An accomplished guitar, violin and piano player, Maverick was determined to find her musical soul mates and was set on making her voice and her songs known to the world.

Berklee College of Music brought them together and soon the three began jamming in the Berklee rehearsal spaces rocking out and building the foundation for Flight of Fire.

In September 2011 they released their first CD, "Ascended from Ashes" along with their first music video, "Chasing the Storm" which was filmed at Revere Beach.

The band's second album, "Shatter the Sky" brought the band's music to the next level with more developed songwriting and higher quality recording and production. The CD immediately began to receive radio airplay on multiple stations.

Soon after the release of Shatter The Sky, Flight of Fire welcomed Shaina Mikee Keiths, a Zildjian co-endorsed drummer whose musical history is quite impressive. Keiths has played in numerous rock bands, supporting national acts including Jefferson Starship, has recorded with The Beaver Brown Band and Tavares and performed with Megadeth bassist, David Ellefson.

Now they are an all female force to be reckoned with for sure. In the summer of 2013, they were the winners of the Fox Rock Detroit contest, giving them the opportunity to open for Bon Jovi at Ford Field in front of tens of thousands of people. Their summer 2013 tour, promoting Shatter The Sky, took them from Boston and Detroit, where they were already boasting a large following, all the way to Florida, where they were received with great enthusiasm. After opening for national acts like Bon Jovi, The J. Geils Band, and The Michael Allman Band, Flight of Fire exploded into the New York City scene in January 2014.

Examiner met with the band, Flight of Fire, at their show in Boston recently. Here's what they had to say.

Examiner: How did you girls come together?

Maverick: "We all attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, and we met during our adventures there. Tia and Tanya met Maverick at a mutual friend’s birthday party in their first semester at Berklee, when Maverick was belting a Boston song on the T and drawing a lot of attention to herself, as usual! Tanya asked her if she wanted to put a band together, and Maverick was elated! The twins and Maverick met Shaina at a concert lead by another mutual friend, and once we saw Shaina kicking the shit out of those drums and belting backing vocals with such raw power, we knew we had to have her in Flight of Fire. We had our first tour together last summer, and the rest is history!"

Examiner: What or who inspired you to get into the music business?

Maverick: "It’s safe to say that none of us can imagine a life without music. We all started our musical journeys in school band/orchestra, and, as we grew older, we adapted our classical training into playing our rock instruments, so that we could be a part of the styles and the music we loved. Shaina has known that she was meant to be a drummer since she was a little kid, banging on tables with her silverware. The twins have been writing songs and making music together all their lives (their home videos are adorable). Maverick began songwriting as a way to help her through a difficult childhood, and singing has always been an invaluable form of self-expression. For each of us, there was really no other option than to devote our lives to music."

Examiner: Who are your greatest influences?

Maverick: "Shaina’s been hugely influenced by Keith Moon and Ringo Starr. Tia and Tanya are also largely inspired by classic rock greats; Tanya takes a lot from Jimmy Page and Neal Schon, and Tia’s muses include Geddy Lee and John Entwistle. The songs of Paul Simon have always been paramount to Maverick, and vocally, Maverick aspires to channel the power of Ann Wilson, Freddie Mercury and Brad Delp.

As a band, we are attempting to stand on the shoulders of women who have made rock and roll history, and hopefully build on the paths they have forged. The Quatro sisters, Janis Joplin, The Wilson sisters and Joan Jett have all made their mark on the world and on us, and our dream is to continue to work they started, furthering women in music and in society.
Examiner: You write your own music? Do you write the lyrics first or do you play it on your instruments first?

Maverick: "All four of us are songwriters, and the usual process is for each of us to work on our own songs, and if we feel that we’ve written something that would be a good fit for Flight of Fire, we present it to the other three. At that point, we all get the opportunity to help with the editing and arrangement process, making lyrical and musical suggestions (although the original creator of the song always gets the final say on any changes), and then we play it together. That’s when the magic starts happening – we all get to know the song, and get inspiration for how we can help the song become the best and the most powerful that it can be. Sometimes we even make changes in the studio while we’re recording – there’s something inspiring about recording that can make the energy of a song really come to life."

Upcoming dates?

MAVERICK: "We’re really excited about being a featured artist in the North-East Music Festival, coming up August 21st – 24th, on Staten Island. We’re playing on the 22nd at 7pm, and the line up for the festival is thrilling! The festival is benefiting children with special needs, and we’re honored to be a part of it. Then, in October, we will be playing at the Sirens of Metal Festival at the Detroit Pub in Michigan. The festival is October 3rd and 4th, and we’re performing on Friday, the 3rd, along with some amazing national bands – all female-fronted. We have a couple other tours in the works that are currently being booked – keep updated on our website for more details as they come in!"

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