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Flight MH370 missing 2 weeks: Satellite image from China latest glimmer of hope

Malaysian flight MH370 has been missing for two weeks with not so much as a paper cup found belonging to that flight. Another piece of elusive debris is spotted by a satellite from China today, but how many pieces of Indian Ocean discarded debris will the search parties investigate? This latest overnight development offers yet another glimmer of hope, according to The Washington Post on March 22.

Flight MH370: Another satellite image, this time from China, shows possible debris of missing plane.
China Satellite image

The latest satellite image from China, showing a large object floating in the Indian Ocean, has captured attention from around the globe today. This new debris is not that far from the previous report of two objects spotted from an Australian satellite, which had been the center of the search for the last few days.

This could very well be one of the two previous objects that drifted about 75 miles away from the previous sighting. The search has now shifted to this new sighting today, but this is just one in many sightings since the ill-fated flight 370 went missing.

From the oil slicks to the object that was thought to be the aircraft’s door early on, things have turned up empty. While all these dead ends have proved frustrating, you can just imagine what the family members of the missing passengers of flight 370 are going through.

Without any remains of a crashed plane found, many are holding on to the hope that their loved ones are still alive. Each time a new piece of debris is sighted, that hope dwindles. Then boosts back up when the debris turn out to be something rather than a piece of flight 370.

Thanks to Fox News’ top meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, folks know more about the weather in the southern Indian Ocean today than they do for their own state. As the weekend starts many might not know if a storm is coming their way, but if you watch Fox you know that the Indian Ocean is in for inclement weather.

Everyone wants to know what happened to Flight 370, but the search appears much harder than finding a needle in a haystack. With the Indian Ocean full of junk because of the way the currents converge, claim the experts, these "possible" sightings could get plentiful and time consuming.

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