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Flight MH370: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search expands as pilots scrutinized

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Flight MH370 search efforts have expanded, as the two pilots were further scrutinized. Malaysian authorities are looking closely at pilot Zaharie Adman Shah, 53, and Farq Ab Hamid, 27, as both had the high level skills to successfully divert the plane and to avoid detection. According to Los Angeles Times on Mar. 16, they are high on their list of suspects, which includes all of the airliner's passengers.

At Sunday’s news conference, Malaysian officials said police had searched the home of 53-year-old pilot Zaharie Adman Shah and removed a flight simulator he kept at home.

Flight MH370 had its transponder and ACARS systems turned off early in the flight. It had sharply changed direction, zigzagged to avoid radar detection and quickly rose to 45,000 feet to ensure that passenger cellphones would not work before disappearing. The Malaysia Airlines plane also had enough fuel it is estimated to have flown another 7 more hours before running out or needing to land anywhere.

About Flight MH370 has been gone for more than a week now, and authorities have widened the search or the missing plane to include the Indian Ocean and Kazakstan. After nine days of searching no sign of the plane or the 285 people onboard have been found.

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