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Malaysian airline missing update: 2 passengers using stolen passports on flight

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is lost and other than two oil slicks in the ocean off the shores of Vietnam, there’s not a sign of wreckage anywhere, which is an odd occurrence. The missing flight is a mystery as it disappeared seemingly into thin air with 239 passengers on board. News that two of the passengers traveling with stolen passports have widen this mystery for authorities, reports the Mirror UK on March 8.

Malaysia Flight disappearance is still a mystery today, no wreckage has been found, but two oil slicks off shore of Vietnam have been spotted. A lack of debris field on water is odd occurrance after an ocean crash.

The families waiting word about their loved ones and they are bracing for the worse. Some of the family members are getting angry, according to NBC News on March 8, 2014. When an Australian man and an Italian man were announced as being among the missing flight passengers, both of the men were found at safe and not aboard that flight.

One of the reported passengers was at home in Australia and the other was visiting Thailand. Their passports, the ones allegedly used to board the Malaysia flight, were stolen two years ago when each was in Thailand on separate occasions.

The mystery deepens as no debris field has been spotted from the air, which would usually be the case when a plane goes down in water. Could the plane still be intact and resting on the ocean floor? Why is this such a hard crash site to find?

Desperate family members who had been waiting at the Beijing Airport for any news of their loved ones were taken to a hotel from the airport. The airline put them in a room together to wait for any information as soon as it was available. As of Saturday morning, 18 hours after the mysterious disappearance of the plane, family members know nothing more than they did when they were first told the plane disappeared.

Early Saturday morning tempers were rising and some of the family members stormed out of the hotel room where they were told to wait. One man said:

“They’re just shut us in this room and told us to wait,” one man told Reuters. “We want someone to show their face. They haven’t even given us the passenger list.”

As another passenger made their way past the crowd of reporters he said: “They’re treating us worse than dogs.” There is no news to give the relatives because the search parties from several nations, including the U.S., have found nothing that even resembles wreckage of the plane.

The Malaysia flight is a deepening mystery today as weather conditions were fine, with no storms in the area when the plane was last seen on the radar screen. A large field of wreckage should be visible from the air, but there is nothing. The two oil slicks about six miles long are conducive with a downed plane, but the debris field you’d expect to find is absent.

Malaysia Airline said that there was no warning coming from the plane at all, it just vanished. This leaves them to believe whatever happened on board flight 370, happened extremely quickly.

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