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Flight MH370 cockpit transcripts reveal odd repeat message, strange actions

Malaysian flight cockpit transcripts reveal 2 areas of concern.
Malaysian flight cockpit transcripts reveal 2 areas of concern.

The Flight MH370 transcript that contains the cockpit communications from the Malaysian Airline pilots is revealed. At first glance everything on board Flight MH370 seemed normal, but upon analyzing there were a couple of incidents that investigators consider a bit bizarre, according to The Telegraph on March 21.

The transcript starts from the plane sitting on the tarmac before taking off and continues through the time until Flight 370 fell off the radar. This ill-fated flight’s final message of “all right, good night” is now considered strange. This is because by this time someone in the cockpit had already changed the autopilot flight path and nothing was mentioned from the two seemingly calm pilots.

Flight MH370 missing: Pilot's mysterious phone call just before takeoff probed

Investigators said two other features of this Flight 370 transcript stood out as strange. The first thing that stood out was the message from the cockpit at 1:07 a.m. saying that the plane was flying at 35,000 feet. This message had just sent six minutes sooner from the cockpit, so there was absolutely no need for the pilots to do it again.

The second feature that was considered a bit odd was the fact that the loss of communication occurred during the handover to air traffic control in Ho Chi Minn City, while the jet was making a sharp turn to the west.

Missing Malaysian plane possible debris: Payne Stewart crash scenario suggested

A former pilot, Stephen Busdygan, who flew Boeing 777s for British Airways said that if he were going to take over a plane, it would be at this exact moment that this handover was going on during this Malaysian Airline flight. Busdygan, continued saying that it was at this point that the plane would maybe not have been seen from the ground.

In the first 26 minutes of the flight, the pilots had reprogrammed their flight path and the plane was veering off course as the pilot signed off with his “all-right, good night.” The mysterious phone call that the captain made while sitting on the tarmac waiting for take-off is also being probed today. Officials have not released any news on whether they know who was on the other end of that phone with the pilot or not.

FBI missing plane investigation: FBI probe due to pilot's bizarre cockpit moves

These latest reveals, along with knowing that the two transponders were shut down at two different times, adds more evidence towards a planned takeover of the plane. The plane flying to 45,000 feet, which is a move that a commercial pilot would not embark on, is another cause of concern.

This could have been the result of the passengers trying to take down the hijackers, much like what happened in United 93, or it could have been an attempt to depressurize the cabin. This move could have killed all the passengers from lack of oxygen. Why the people piloting the plane made this move is not known, it is purely speculative at this point.

According to Meghan Kelly on Fox News live Saturday evening, it is believed that the American Government knows more about this plane than what they are letting on.

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