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Flight MH 17 passengers: List of Malyasia MH17 victims' nationalities

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17 passengers and crew members aboard the doomed airplane amounted to 298. Their nationalities have been confirmed by the airline. The tragedy took innocent lives, with some being public figures or renown professionals in their field of expertise.

Makeshift memorial for victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 that went down on Thr., July 17 in Ukraine.
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Among the victims on MH17 were: An AIDS researcher, British soccer fans, a South African rescue helicopter pilot and a Dutch senator. This came out via CBC News in a July 18 report.

Quinn Lucas Schansman had dual citizenship. He was a Dutch-American. His Facebook profile describes that he was studying international business at Amsterdam's University of Applied Sciences.

Obama said in his speech:

"Our thoughts and prayers are with his family for this terrible loss."

The report explains that two-thirds of the passengers destined to Kuala Lumpur Airport from Amsterdam were 189 from the Netherlands.

British and international AIDS researcher, Joep Lange, was on his way to a Melbourne for an huge AIDS conference His clinical research specialized in HIV therapy. His death stunned the AIDS research community as he was a recognized authority globally in the field. Lange is also known for his generous support of offering HIV-positive patients in poor countries access to affordable drugs.

Amsterdam's Academic Medical Center hospital said this in a statement after the MH 17 crash:

"Joep was a man who knew no barriers. He was a great inspiration for everybody who wanted to do something about the AIDS tragedy in Africa and Asia."

In a report by The Mail-Courier, an Australian family experienced the loss of a son and daughter-in-law when Malaysia Flight MH370 went missing. Now Irene and George Burrows must deal with another unthinkable tragedy from Flight MH17.

Their devastation was compounded once again to learn step-granddaugther, Maree Rizk, and her husband, Albert, were killed.

Irene’s son Greg Burrows said this on the family's behalf:

"It has been a very trying day."


"This has just blown everyone clean out of the water.’’

On the missing MH370 flight their son, Rodney Burrows and wife his wife, Mary, were on board. They also had friends on the flight -- Cathy and Bob Lawton. They were on their way to China for a holiday getaway.

Their son Jayden Burrows, said in a statement back in March, said that the family was trying to come to terms with the “terrible tragedy” aboard MH370.

Malaysia Airlines listed the nationality of Flight MH 17 passengers as: 189 Dutch; 44 Malaysians; 27 Australians; 12 Indonesians; 9 Britons; 4 Germans; 4 Belgians; 3 Filipinos; 1 Canadian; 1 American; 1 New Zealander; and 4 unverified.

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