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Flight diverted sick baby: US Airways diverts flight to Houston for child

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A flight was diverted because of a sick baby on board, and the US Airways plane made the decision to land in Houston. Reuters reports on March 12 that the child had a medical emergency and required an ambulance once the plane landed. One person has come forward to claim he helped the boy after he stopped breathing on the flight.

Flight 678 was originally scheduled to land in Phoenix, but it was diverted to Houston to help a sick child. The emergency landing at Bush Intercontinental Airport happened at night without any problems. The child and the family have not been identified by US Airways, and details about the medical emergency are limited.

Other passengers on the plane share the child stopped breathing, turned blue and Garrett Goodwin claims he has medical training that helped save the baby. The medic shares he used CPR, and the child was in stable condition by the time the plane landed in Houston. Nevertheless, an ambulance immediately transported the baby to a hospital for evaluations and more care because he had a fever on the plane. The boy was traveling with a grandmother but did not appear to have other family with him.