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Flight diverted for sick baby: US Airways lands for baby who stopped breathing

US Air
US Air

A US Airways flight was diverted over a sick baby who stopped breathing. The US Airways flight that was scheduled to fly from Tampa, Florida to Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday night made an emergency landing in Houston, Texas, according to a UPI report on Wednesday.

The 15-month-old baby boy was en route to a new home from foster care when he had a seizure and stopped breathing.

A CPR instructor who was on the flight, Garrett Goodwin, asked for anyone with medical training on the flight to assist him while he tried to revive the baby. Goodwin said that he is a big guy with a pretty commanding voice, asking if there was a doctor or nurse on board as he was walking down the aisle and giving the baby chest compressions. That’s when a doctor on board the flight began assisting Goodwin.

The baby boy was in stable condition when the plane landed. An ambulance took him to the hospital.