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Malaysia Airlines: Mystery woman last call to pilot, used fake ID to buy phone

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The missing Malaysian Flight 370 pilot got a phone call while on the tarmac minutes before Flight 370 was about to takeoff. This mysterious phone call was made from a prepaid cell phone, which was purchased by a woman using a fake ID, investigators report today.

“Fox and Friends Weekend” live on Sunday morning March 23 said the phone call was from a woman, who is now being sought by authorities. The Blaze reports Sunday that this phone call lasted about two minutes.

The last call dialed into Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s cellphone was from this prepaid cell phone, minutes before flight 370 departed. This is a significant piece to the investigation.

“Investigators are treating it as potentially significant because anyone buying a pay-as-you-go [prepaid] SIM card in Malaysia has to fill out a form giving their identity card or passport number,” reports The Blaze

Police have tracked the cellphone back to a store in Malaysia that sells SIM cards. They learned that the person who purchased this phone was a woman, but when checking into the ID used by this woman, it was found to be fake.

Unfortunately with this latest cell phone news it is looking more and more like the pilot was involved with the fate of Flight 370. This has strengthened the concerns that the Pilot was working with someone in the hijacking or the taking of this plane.

As of today, the FBI is still probing the computers of the pilot’s flight simulator, which they obtained from his home. They are trying to recover the deleted files from this computer.

"Fox and Friends Weekend" reports that the pilot, while still living with his wife, was estranged from her. The authorities are planning to talk to the pilot's wife soon, which seems a bit odd considering the plane is into its third week since it went missing. It is not understood why authorities have not interviewed the wife sooner, according to Fox.



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