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Flight 370 landed? Passenger fate major concern as new data points to hijacking

If flight 370 landed as the latest data may suggest, then what was the fate of the passengers? One theory has the passengers being kept alive in a hidden area with the belief that they could be used as a bargaining chip somewhere down the line. Another theory is not as hopeful and offers a grim outcome, which is being suggested today after the plane was recorded climbing to 45,000 feet. These theories on the passengers' fate were suggested on “Fox and Friends Weekend” live on Saturday morning March 15.

Flight 370 landed? Latest working theory has plane and passengers possibly landing in secret location.
Wikimedia Commons

The Epoch Times today also reports that the latest working theory among officials is that the plane was hijacked by some very skilled individuals. The search for the plane now includes remote areas along the flight path that the plane is believed to have taken when flying for another four to five hours after it dropped off the radar.

The latest data indicates that the missing Malaysia Airlines flight ascended to 45,000, which pushed the limit of the Boeing 777 capability, but almost immediately dropped back down to cruising flight altitude, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Saturday morning March 15. This maneuver may have been purposeful, as one theory suggests, rendering a grim outcome for the passengers.

Phillip Holloway, a commercial pilot and flight instructor, appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" on Saturday morning live. He said that he fears that the maneuver of bringing the plane up to 45,000 feet may have been to depressurize the cabin and kill the passengers. He explains that his worst fear is that the plane is now being refitted as a weapon of mass destruction. Holloway said this is purely speculation on his part, but these scenarios are within the realm of possibilities today. Other experts said that this is a possibility, as the hijackers could have prevented the oxygen masks from dropping.

Others are suggesting this up and down movement of the plane may have been during the time that the hijackers took control of the plane and a struggle took place.

This theory suggests that the battle in the cockpit for control of the plane took the plane on this up and done pattern and that the passengers would be kept alive as a possible bargaining tool for later on if need be.

These hijackers turned off two transponders and it is now believed that they eventually turned the device that pinged their location to the satellite, which was in the underbelly of the plane. The plane pinged the satellite for another four to five hours after the aircraft fell off the radar. When the plane fell off the radar screen it was believed to have another seven hours of fuel on board.

A panel of pilots, aviation experts and a former CIA agent joined Meghan Kelly on Fox News on Friday night to discuss the possibilities of this flight landing safely after being hijacked. The majority of these experts believe this was a hijacking of some sort. When asked if they believed the passengers were still alive under this theory only two raised their hands to indicate a "yes" out of the group of six to eight experts.

The flight is now considered a hijacking by Malaysian officials, who are calling this a “deliberate disappearance” today. The missing flight 370 has the search stretched over two corridors, one going south and one going north from the point last recorded by the satellite that tracked the plane after it disappeared from the radar screen.

From the air, the searchers are looking for an area that is big enough to land a Boeing 777 and a place big enough to hide the plane from view. This latest theory suggesting that the plane landed instead of blowing up as previously thought has given some hope to the passengers loved ones. Many, if not all, are holding onto the hope that their loved ones are still alive.

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