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Flight 370 landed? Central Asia latest theory in where MH370 landed

Has flight 370 landed? In a new breaking report out by KOS March 15, the Malayasian PM announced in a press conference that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was not only deliberately hijacked, but that it landed at a specific spot in Central Asia.

According to the latest report, the most suspect area in question is "Kyrgyzstan and the province of Xinjiang, which is home to the Uyghurs:" This is making investigators ponder, "Is this is the territory where flight 370 landed?

This was said in the press conference:

"From this point onwards, the Royal Malaysian Air Force primary radar showed that an aircraft which was believed—but not confirmed—to be MH370 did indeed turn back. It then flew in a westerly direction back over peninsular Malaysia before turning northwest. Up until the point at which it left military primary radar coverage, these movements are consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane.

"Today, based on raw satellite data that was obtained from the satellite data service provider, we can confirm that the aircraft shown in the primary radar data was flight MH370. After much forensic work and deliberation, the FAA, NTSB, AAIB and the Malaysian authorities, working separately on the same data, concur."

Krgyzstan is where violent separatists of the Uyghur movement is most "active." It was two weeks ago they were in the news for a knife attack at a train station, killing 29 people.

If flight 370 landed somewhere with a short runway or rough surface, the Boeing 777 is said to be capable of handling it.

As it stands now, MH370 is believed to have landed somewhere around the Chinese/Kyrgyz border.

It has been a whole week since the Malaysian plane went missing. Relatives are in hysterics and so many questions are unanswered. Are their loved ones alive? Who would have hijacked the jetliner? As investigators continue combing over this mystery, everyone holds on to hope that we will soon know what happened. Are they getting closer to knowing where flight 370 landed?

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